"As Long As You Stay The Best, You Will Continue To Get The Work."

There's only one way to stay ahead of the competition and secure work in the rapidly changing electrical industry: continuous improvement. The best way to do this is through ongoing training so you stay on the cutting edge. The systems, the way we execute tasks and our professional conduct is operating at a much higher standard than ever before in our history.

Our members are on large, complex projects today because we earned the right to be there. We stayed ahead of our competition in safety, we stayed ahead of them in productivity, and we stayed ahead of them in respect. We must continue to stay ahead of our competition and that means work safer, be even more productive and deepen our respect.

Education, Training and Professional Development are key to lighting the way for our future. When you as a member of Local 2330 continue to be the best trained to do your job, that puts us in a much better position to secure work for you under collective agreements where the wages, benefits and working conditions are in line with your professionalism.

Training courses offered include:

Safety Training

  • Aerial Work Platforms (2 days)
  • Confined Space Entry (2 days)
  • Fall Protection (2 days)
  • Fall Protection Refresher (1 day)
  • First Aid (Standard) (2 days)
  • Powerline Hazards (1 day)
  • WHMIS (Free Online to Members)

In a meeting with high ranking project officials we asked, "How are the IBEW Local 2330 members performing on your project?" After a short pause one official said , "Your members are very professional, the best people we have ever dealt with." Another official then said, "Your members are very productive & safe workers".

So we asked, "Will we get future projects under collective agreements?". Without pausing this time, the first official said, "as long as you stay the best, you will continue to get the work."

We are the best. Let's stay the best by continuing to train ourselves and build on 1) Safety, 2) Productivity and 3) Respect.


Online free training courses, Whmis, Excel , Etc.

Please go HERE for free training. To log into the online training you will need your membership number and the password which is always "IBEW2".