Journeyman Application

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 2330 Also available for printer via pdf file.

  • IMPORTANT! The Obligation Form has to be filled out and signed in order for your application to be considered. Either a scan of the filled out form needs to be emailed or send the form to us via mail.
  • Application must be fully completed and resumes attached by email to be considered for membership.
  • A fee of $102.00 must be paid.
  • Proof of Journeyperson status to be included with your fee.
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Date of Birth
State / Province
Home Phone
Postal Code
Present Employer
Do you have a travel card?
Industry where you are employed

How did you become an I.B.E.W member?

Have you ever been a member of the I.B.E.W?
If so Where?
If so, which local is your Travel Card from?
Industrial Electrician or Construction Electrician?
NFLD Provincial Certificate #:
Interprovincial Certificate #:
IMP: Are you presently employed?
Journeyman Work History (Previous 4 Years) Include Employer, Date, and Address
Reasons why you want to become part of the IBEW:
If you were an IBEW member, please state reason for leaving:
How did you learn abour our Website?

I understand that my application will not be considered until the obligation form (link at the top of the page) has been recieved.



To promote and maintain the highest standards in professionalism, productivity, safety and quality of life of our members, through training and accountability.

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