Filling Out Obligation, Apprentice, Journeyman Forms

For members joining the local when filling out the obligation form and apprentice / journeyman forms. Please fill in all required information EX: classification, SIN numbers, postal code etc.

Please also date your application for the month prior to filling out these applications. EX: If filling out in February, date for Jan 2023.

Results of Ratification Vote

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MFAP program

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Covid-19 Safety Training

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Mesothelioma & Electricians

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Alcohol Rehab & Addiction Link

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Notify The Hall When You Are Laid Off

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Canada Recovery Benefits

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Notifying the Hall When Laid Off

Over the past few months, notification has been put on this site to remind members to call in to notify the hall when they are laid off. Although most members do so, there are some that have not done so. Please be advised that, if you are laid off and have not given prior notification of such, you cannot be issued a referral to go to work.

Reminder To All Members

As a reminder, members are required to notify the hall when they are laid off and to provide their layoff date. This applies to all members, whether the layoff is a regular layoff or due to the current Covid 19 situation. If you do not notify the hall when you are laid off, you can not be issued a referral for work. This applies to all members and there will be no exceptions to this.

We ask that you email this info to

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