November 26, 2018


I am continuing to pursue commercial work for our members and, in the process, establish a wage rate by which we can compete with the NON-UNION sector. T o do so, it is necessary to target specific jobs in various parts throughout. Through the fishing process, we can move one step closer towards a provincial rate and agreement for commercial work. Presently, there is interest in commercial work in central- Gander and Grand Falls Windsor area. The wage package being looked at would be $41.79 gross hourly rate which includes a basic hourly rate of $28.50 per hour based on Journey Person rate. Please provide your feedback on this directly to me via e-mail as soon as possible.


Glen Courage

November 13, 2018


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November 08, 2018


Please be advised that the monthly meeting for unit 6, St.John's will be held on Tuesday, November 13th at our Hall in Holyrood. The reason for this change is to enable members to meet with officers of our International office who will be in attendance at this meeting.

Update on Georgia Jobs:

The contractor is still in the process of getting approval, still not approved. We can update you once we receive additional information.

October 16, 2018

We are working on making the Hiring List available to all Members in the near future on this site. You will be notified when this comes into effect.

Local 1620 Reimbursement

Dues to members are in the works and any Members owed dues from Local 1620 should be receiving them very shortly. Expected date for reimbursement end of October.

Astaldi Workers

July and August Remittances for our Members should be submitted at the end of October. Please check back for any updates.

Augusta Job

The Jobs are still on the table final decisions are not made.


To promote and maintain the highest standards in professionalism, productivity, safety and quality of life of our members, through training and accountability.

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