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Have you ever felt that your voice is not heard? That your employer does not appreciate you? That safety concerns are brushed under the table? Or your pay is inadequate? Then you may benefit from a Union.

Every worker has the legal right to be represented by a Union which is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “to freely associate without discrimination”. When employees band together and form a Union within their workplace, they are using their collective strength to ensure they are treated fairly, paid fairly and their work sites follow and adhere to local safety laws and regulations. Workers of the world are stronger when they work together.

If you and your fellow employees are not represented, but feel that you would benefit from collective action, be a part of the change and contact us today.

How to Organize your workplace

Step 1
Contact IBEW Local Union 2330. All information and identities of individuals are held in strict confidence.

Step 2
Talk with your co-workers and Local Organizer to identify common concerns and issues such as benefits, safety, or treatment. Union Organizers will do most of the work, but the more help and information gained from inside the company the more successful our efforts will be.

Step 3
Sign a Union Support Card. Once the local organizer has gained enough support (excluding those in management and those who have disciplinary duties), the Union will file an Application for Certification with the Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Relations Board.

Step 4
Vote! The Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Relations Board will conduct an investigation and can issue a hearing should there be any disputes from your employer with your application to join our Union. Within five (5) days after the Union submits the application, the Board will issue a Secret Ballot Vote. For that vote to be successful a majority of employees (50% +1) must vote in favour of forming a Union at their workplace.

Note: It is unlawful for your contractor to ask if you signed a Support Card, and it is illegal for both the contractor and the Union to know how you voted in the secret ballot vote. Should a contractor violate the terms set out in the Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Relations Act, they are putting themselves at risk of Unfair Labour Practice Complaint. These rules and regulations are here to protect you and your choice to form a Union.

Please contact an IBEW Local 2330 Organizer for more information. Call 709-730-1727 or email

Through Collective Bargaining with your employer, we can help you receive………

  • Better Wages
  • A better pension for retirement
  • Life Insurance
  • Health & Welfare Benefits
  • Safer Working Conditions
  • Fair Treatment
  • So much more………

It all starts with a conversation. Reach out to our Membership Development Department today.

The IBEW works for it’s members not the employer.

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